Company Profile

Kasthuri Machine Tools Pvt Ltd
was estabilished in the year 1987.
Since its inception the factory has devoted its complete endeavor
and energy in manufacturing and delivering quality special purpose machineries.
It has improved in its quality and customers contacts by generating in its profitable measures.
Our components have covered most of the machines in its variegated application of drilling,
tapping,boring,reaming,milling and sawing.Our machineries have extented its hands from
local to the overseas.The company is set on the basic principle
keeping in consonance with the advancing technology, our company has produced
new design,new tools.In turn with the fast growing technology,customers need
are catered to,keeping in the pace, the sophistication of the technology.
In our venture we keep in mind three important things:

1.To have a close contact with the customers.
2.Delivering machines without delay and there by increase profit & production and lastly.
3.To reduce the operation cost.

With this promise we shall go on marching towards the promising future.We always hold on to the principles
that bind our company and produce positive results.
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